Nov 12th, 2021

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Couple looking for woman: How to get rid of jealous


ealousy is normal in a relationship, including all kinds of relationships: traditional relationships, swinger relationships or a threesome one. It’s also normal for a couple looking for threesome adventure or swing dating fun. Adult fun can help those couples refresh their sex life and feelings.
No matter adding a person to a bisexual couple or start adult swing for swinger couple, this kind of amateur couple should keep an eye on jealousy. It might be no big deal if it’s just a little, but what happens when jealousy starts to completely take over?

Start with conversation

Even though you are amateur couple who want to try threesome just for once, conversation is important before looking for a threesome partner. It’s the same for those swinger couples. The swinger chat or threesome chat at any adult dating websites should after the confirmation that you and your partner are on the same page.

Both of you will accept a threesome adventure. Even if it turns out to be a one-time thing, you should get a positive answer from your partner. Making it as a surprise or a gift is obviously not a viable option in this case. It may cause an irreversible situation, so stop it if you are planning to do so. Start your own chat before swinger chat.

Respect your partner

Consider how to progress in a totally respectful way so you can have fun and adventure. If you couple decide to have a threesome, you need also decide which type of threesome you want, MFF threesome or MMF threesome? If you want to try swinger dating with a swinger couple first, you also need to get your partner’s consent when you find a match at swinger websites. Looking into psychology can help you and your partner explore this fantasy further, but you should respect your partner at the same time to avoid any hurt.

Set rules

Setting rules before even looking for a bisexual or swinger couple online can not only help get rid of jealousy, it also works a lot for having a great threesome or adult swing fun. Let’s take an example, for many couples, they don’t like their partner to kiss the third one. In this case, ‘no kiss’ is a good way to prevent jealousy.

Ask your partner If there are other things or words he or she doesn’t want you to do together with the other person. If there are any, don’t do that. What’s the bottom line of your partner? Don’t cross that line.

Ask the feelings of your partner

If you are a couple looking for third person to join you for a threesome, remember to ask his or her feelings during sex, especially when you are looking for a female partner to join you. Let your partner know that you care about his or her feelings as well.

If you are engaging sex swing, then ask the feelings about your partner for the first time when you see him or her. You want your partner to enjoy threesome sex or adult swing as well rather than yourself only.

After the adventure

Have a talk with your partner. Do you want to do this only for one time or you want to keep a threesome relationship or a swing relationship with you? For a long-time thing, don’t keep a third that your partner doesn’t like or would jealous of. Only in this way can you have this open relationship that can actually energize and make the bond stronger.

Whatever your reason is for deciding to find a threesome or the adult swing, let us congratulate you on adding this potentially very hot experience to your sexual history. As long as you and your partner are on the same page about what it’ll mean for your relationship, it could be exactly what was needed to bring some fire and energy back to your sex life.

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