Jan 9th, 2022

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SwingLifeStyle: Tips for first adult swing date


t’s believed that the swinglifestyle has become more and more popular lifestyle in the world. It first came into wider practice during the 1950’s in America. Maybe it doesn’t take too long for you to find a swinger couple after looking at a swinger club or searching on a swinger website. But how to do about your first meet in real life. We will share some tips about how to handle the first alternative lifestyle dating.

Pre-Play: Talk

Firstly, You and your partner both need to be on the same page when it comes to this kind of adultxxxdate. Then you need a face-to-face talk between the four people together with the couple you meet. You need to cover the swinglifestyle topic at this round. Maybe you can suggest a book or film that involves swinglifestyle scene. If the subject is well accepted and you can go to the next floor.

Set bottom line

There are a bunch of things that can go wrong if you haven’t first taken the time to discuss every aspect with the other couple. And the most important thing before the real play is to set some ground rules. If it’s not ok for you, just say no. It’s important to monitor your emotional responses to different scenarios because jealousy is one of the main emotions swingers initially will have to deal with.

Playtime: Relax and enjoy swing sex

You can move to the next level -the real play after all preparation work has been done. It doesn’t need to be a rush. The couples are free to decide how quickly or slowly they want to experience this stage. Relax yourself and the adultxxxdate may naturally change from playing separately to playing as a foursome if you would like to try. It all depends on yourself.

Everyone may eager to show off their skills and techniques on the other one. It also can be the best time for learning and practice.

After the play: Further discussion

Take some time to talk and share your feelings together after the play. If everything has gone well and both of you feel like the swinglifestyle is the thing you want, then do it one more time. This time you will discuss more details about the play and decide whether you should keep a long-term swing relationship with other couples.

It can be not just about swinger sex. Your life may connect together. You can share your most emotional and vulnerable times as well as visit swinger clubs together. Just enjoy the sls swinglifestyle if you have chosen it.

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